Benefits After The Act – Updated

Rather late I’m afraid but I’ve just uploaded the latest update to Benefits After The Act.

This now includes examples generated using the latest version of the Future Benefits Model (FFBM) which includes the real Universal Credit rates that will be in force from April as well as catching up with a lot of other changes.

I will be adding more examples and scenarios in the next update and there will be another paper looking at the issues for people with disabilities and for carers. I’ve started working on that and I hope it won’t take as long as this update.

You can always download the latest version from the links at the top and side of the main blog page or you can get it here.

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One Response to Benefits After The Act – Updated

  1. Gareth Morgan says:

    I accidentally published this last night when the paper version linked wasn’t fully updated. The version there now has got more current modelling in parts of it; sorry.

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