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Contributory benefits to be means tested.

The bill includes powers to allow for the introduction of an earnings taper, so that ESA and JSA (there will be no Contribution Based or Income Based any more as IB JSA & ESA are abolished) will be reduced at … Continue reading

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Progress of the Bill

The Welfare Reform Bill was presented to Parliament on 16 February 2011. This is known as First Reading and there was no debate on the Bill at this stage. This Bill will be on the Order Paper for a Second … Continue reading

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The Capital Cut-Off in Universal Credit

The intention is that the treatment of capital will be similar to that under Income Support and other means tested benefits currently. Capital below a certain level will be fully disregarded and there will be a notional income from capital … Continue reading

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ESA in Youth Abolished

This seems a petty and damaging change.  Young people have been able to claim contributory Employment and Support Allowance without having to made National Insurance contributions.  This will be abolished under a provision in the Bill. As contributory ESA is … Continue reading

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The New Anti Trophy-Wife Measures in Pension Credit

The Anti Trophy-Wife Rule in Pension Credit Continue reading

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Benefits after The Bill – The Future of Welfare Reform

Benefits in the Future – an introduction as the Welfare Reform Bill arrives. Continue reading

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